Brenda knows that there are 16 ounces and two cups what is the ratio ounces to cups

Accepted Solution

Answer: [tex]8:1[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: The ratios are used to make comparison between to things. Ratios  can be written or expressed in the following form: [tex]a:b[/tex] It can also be written as a fraction, with a numerator and a denominator, in the following form: [tex]\frac{a}{b}[/tex] Where "a" is the numerator and "b" is the denominator. Then, knowing that  there are sixteen (16) ounces and two (2) cups, you can write the ratio asked (ounces to cup) in this form: [tex]\frac{16}{2}[/tex] Simplify the fraction by reducing it.Therefore, you get that the ratio ounces to cup is: [tex]\frac{8}{1}[/tex] And you can rewrite it as: [tex]8:1[/tex]