For $360, a rock-climbing gym offers a yearly membership where members can climb as many days as they want and pay $4 per day for equipment rental. Nonmembers pay $10 per day to use the gym and $6 per day for equipment rental. Find the total number of visits when the cost for a member and nonmember will be the same.4801756030

Accepted Solution

Answer:30 visitsStep-by-step explanation:y=4x+360y=10x+6xi'll solve for x through elimination.first combine like terms, y=10x+6x = y=16xthen subtract x from both equations.y-4x=4x-4x+360 = y-4x=360y-16x=16x-16x = y-16x=0then rearrange the two equations by terms, y-y-4x+16xsolve, y-y=0, 16x-4x=12x12x=360divide both sides by 12.x=30