In the figure, p || q.Identify each pair of equal angles as vertical angles, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, or alternate exterior angles.m<3 = m<7: m<1 = m<4: m<5 = m<8: m<1 = m<5: m<1 = m<8: m<2 = m<6: m<2 = m<3: m<4 = m<8: m<6 = m<7: m<3 = m<6: m<2 = m<7: m<4 = m<5:

Accepted Solution

m<1=m<5= corresponding 
m<2=m<6= corresponding
m<3=m<6= alternate interior
m<4=m<5= alternate interior
m<1=m<8= alternate exterior
m<2=m<7= alternate exterior
m<1=m<4= vertical
m<5=m<8= vertical
m<2=m<3= vertical
m<6=m<7= vertical