Select the favorable outcomes for rolling a sum less than five

Accepted Solution

We want the sum of the two rolls to be less that five.
Therefore, we will examine each given set of choices and choose the one where all the points have a sum less than 5.

First set: all the point are 5 added to another number. Therefore, the sum is definitely not less than 5. This choice is rejected.

Second set: We have two points having 6 added to a number. Therefore, this choice is also rejected.

Third set: We have the points (5,5) and (6,6) which have a sum greater than 5. Therefore, this set is also rejected.

Fourth set: We have:
(1,1) with sum = 2
(1,2) with sum = 3
(1,3) with sum = 4
(2,1) with sum = 3
(2,2) with sum = 4
(3,1) with sum = 4
Therefore, all sums are less than 5. This is the correct choice.

Based on the above, the correct option is the last one.