Which of the following is more likely to have a mean that is larger than the median?a) the age of children in a family who has one son who is 15 years older than the triplet daughters born last weekb) the price of a meal in a local small town restaurant where the owner adds an inexpensive hot dog to the lunch menuc) the height of six buildings, if all buildings are equal in height except for one that is two stories shorter and one that is two stories taller than the restd) the scores of the students (out of 100 points) on a very easy exam in which most get nearly perfect scores but a few do very poorly

Accepted Solution

The cases where by the mean is greater than the median is shown common for the distribution that is skewed to the right (that is, bunched up toward the left and with a tail stretching toward the right ). The example that characterizes the above property is [a], this is because we have been given a set of triplets whose age is lower than that of their brother. This implies than there are high chances that the mean will be above the median